AE21 Cougars & Coyotes: Mystery Mammals of the Mountains

Thursday December 2

1:00 PM  –  3:00 PM

Cougars and Coyotes: Mystery Mammals of the Mountains

Instructor: Carlton Burke

ONLINE* Thursday, December 2, 1 - 3 p.m.

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BRN Elective | NCEE Criteria III


These two noted mammals are mysterious and interesting for many reasons: one for its disappearance from our area and the other for its appearance in a region in which they did not originally exist. Cougars, mountain lions, or panthers! Whatever you call them, these magnificent, large native cats once roamed throughout North America. For many reasons, they were thought to have disappeared from our mountains years ago; yet sightings of these elusive animals are still commonly reported. Though not originally found here until a few decades ago, Coyotes have begun roaming throughout much of eastern North American and have become a menacing presence even in suburban neighborhoods. How did these canines come to inhabit a new geographical region? And why are our eastern coyotes so much larger than their smaller cousins found in their ancestral homelands of the western United States?

Learn the latest evidence and distinguish fact from folklore surrounding these mysterious creatures.

Carlton Burke is a naturalist and educator who operates Carolina Mountain Naturalists, an educational service which offers wildlife and nature educational programs throughout western North Carolina. He also was on the staff of the western North Carolina Nature Center in Asheville for over 25 years as the Curator of Exhibits. Carlton co-hosts a weekly radio program NATURE NEWS and is also a NC state and federally licensed wildlife rehabilitator.    


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