Mountain Science Expo 2020 Day 2

This event is no longer on sale.

Thursday October 22

9:30 AM  –  3:00 PM

Welcome to the (virtual) Mountain Science Expo 2020: Questions Create Scientists!

Please use this page to register for access to the event. Each registration will recieve an email with a link to the Google Site we are using for the event. 


Please only register for the number of devices that will be accessing the program.

Example 1: For a whole class, just the teacher could register and screen share the program during their own lessons, or each student can register on their own to access the event. DO NOT register 1 adult and 21 students on the same form because you will be required to enter in contact information for each individual. 

Example 2: For a family, you can just register as the adult if all are sharing one device to view the event, or each family member who will be accessing the event on their own device can register separately. DO NOT register all of the adults and children who will be participating on the same form because you will need to enter contact information for each individual. 

Stay tuned for a program schedule!