SP18 Living Soil

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Tuesday June 12

9:30 AM  –  12:30 PM

Living Soil
Instructor: Phil Roudebush
Tuesday, June 12; 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
$39 Member / $49 Non-member
Limit: 24 students
Three hours elective credit for BREG Certificate

Given soil’s vital importance, it is amazing that most gardeners don’t venture into the understanding of good soil that supports plant life and poor soil that doesn’t. It doesn’t take much to see worms in good soil and come across other soil life: centipedes, springtails, ants, slugs, ladybird beetle larvae and more. Healthy soil is teeming with life. The class will focus on all the forms of life found in healthy soil, the soil-food web and how to use this information to improve gardening techniques. An introduction to basic soil science will be included in the course.

Phil Roudebush is a retired veterinarian who taught in several veterinary schools and conducted research, product development and technical communication in the animal health industry. Roudebush was an Extension Master Gardener in Shawnee County, Kan., where he enjoyed maintaining large vegetable and herb gardens, a pumpkin patch, a water garden and a 30-acre native grass hay pasture. He is an extension master gardener volunteer intern in Buncombe County.